Revealed: The True Cost of Weddings in the UK

Sunday 3rd February 2019
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The Typical cost of a wedding in the UK is under £12,000
In the most extensive report to date, new figures from over 18,000 couples getting married during 2017 and 2018.
These finding are significant as previous reports have put the cost of a wedding at £32,000, leading couples to believe that a beautiful wedding is out of their financial reach. In a recent poll, 83% said that the cost of weddings puts people off getting married.
It's not that couples are spending any less, it's simply that previous reports centred around London and included some unusually high budget weddings that significantly raised the average cost, some couples are spending a very significant amount on getting married, with plenty of budgets over £100,000 and more.

This news should reassure the more typical wedding consumers and lead to an increased number of weddings.