Monday 4th February 2019
Gil Gilroy

DIY Wedding -
Take a look at some ways for saving money on your wedding, without skimping on quality.

1 - Choose Your Dates Wisely
Peak months: late summer through to autumn, prices skyrocket between August and September
Why not go for a fresh springtime wedding instead? Choose a more offbeat date and save money
2 - Consider A Second-Hand Dress
New wedding dresses can set you back thousands. You will be surprised what's out there!
Why not opt for a less costly alternative and browse for a used dress? You'll pinch the pennies and have your choice of some stunning vintage gowns too!
3 - DIY Invitations
Be inventive, Instead of forking out ££££'s for a stack of readymade invitations, add your own personal touch by creating them yourself - loads of 'know How' online & YouTube

4 - Shop Around for Rings
It's easy to overspend on wedding rings - consider cheaper options. Second-hand and antique shops are treasure troves for discovering beautiful and unique wedding bands that won't cost the earth and will look just as fabulous.
5 - Borrow What You Can
Every bride needs something borrowed! Save money and stress ask around for extra accessories. Maybe your Gran has a hairband from her wedding day she can lend you, or get your friends to lend you cufflinks, shoes and jewellery. You'll look just as fab and you'll be saving £££'s!
6 - Outdoor or Indoor Reception Venue?
Save yourself £££'s, enjoy a marquee in a meadow with a buffet instead. Amazing what can be borrowed to personalise this, from rustic crates to straw bales, from candelabras to signage. It's a cheaper and party-friendly alternative that doesn't require an expensive catering team to pull off.
There are lots of ways of having the best time on your big day, without breaking the bank.