The interesting new concept in weddings - the all day DJ!

Tuesday 7th April 2015

This really worked very well!
As a Wedding Videographer Bristol and whilst filming a couple of recent weddings, the DJ, who would normally only be seen at the evening reception, was in attendance from the start of the day throughout the wedding ceremony to the end of the evening. So, I hear you saying "what was he/she doing?

Well, Getting married other than at a church usually involves the wedding venue playing the Brides entrance & signing the register music etc. on a DVD player (come to think of it some churches do too, instead of an organ) which is fine except for the volume and clarity!
Also, not all staff at wedding venue,s are very "AU FAIT" with announcements or introductions.
This has to be done with confidence, clarity and in the style of the wedding that the couple have planned, especially at such critical times like the entrance of the Bride, Speeches, cutting the cake, not to mention all the other announcements & general information for guests that help to keep the day flowing smoothly - and of course playing the couples music where & when appropriate!

Obviously the couple have had a meeting with the DJ, just as they would with the videographer & photographer. So the DJ knows whats happening and when.

Traditionally this would have been the role of the "Toastmasters", except now the DJ not only does this job but also provides the equipment and plays the music in a less formal manner, (I am not decrying the roll of the toastmaster, simply pointing out a new development in weddings!).

I understand the DJ's in question have attended and passed a special course on public speaking and announcing etc.

I have to say that the two I witnessed were terrific! Not only were they good DJ's in the evening, but throughout the day very friendly and helpful to everyone at the wedding. Also, (and I'm not going to give anything away here), very innovative!!!

We all want the wedding to go as well as the couple would like it go. Behind the scenes all of us do what we can to achieve "the perfect day", and the two DJ's certainly helped this to happen. I know that the couples were delighted!

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