What's a Bride doing in my tent?

What's a Bride doing in my tent?

Tuesday 19th May 2015

I woke up to find myself in a tent; the sun was obviuosly out and somewhere in the distance I could hear a live band playing 1950's rock music. I looked at my watch, the time was 10am Saturday, May 2nd.

It took me a few moments to realise where I was and then it hit me, the warm glow of pure pleasure and happiness that spread throughout my entire body, I was at the ATOMIC vintage 1950's Rock festival!

Now, before I go any further this is not, and I really mean this is not the sort of event I had expected to find any...well resemblance or connection to weddings!

I am a videographer, a wedding videographer I spend most of my working life behind a camera videoing brides, and so what was a bride doing in my tent surrounded by her bridesmaids in the middle of a rock festival? ...I knew I should have brought a camera!

I'll come back to the bride...

The ATOMIC vintage festival, what an incredible weekend at Art Deco Sywell Aerodrome.
Thousands of like-minded people, a top draw international line-up of bands & DJs playing in spectacular indoor venues, drag racing, air displays, jiving, bopping & strolling in an historic hangar and an enormous big-top with 6000 sq ft dance floor. A 1950's car show and a drive-in movie, a poodles parade, roller-skating... and the best festival atmosphere ever!

So this is two amazing days of non-stop jam-packed 1950s rock'n'roll, rockabilly music, Oh! yes and you can even by authentic 1950's vintage clothing too! what was a bride doing in my tent?
Would you believe it, she was on her HEN weekend at the festival and she had previously booked me to film her wedding, which takes place in a few weeks time! She had seen me arrive the day before with friends to make camp, and later that evening at the Rock party.

As my friends and I were ...sipping tea (as you do at a rock festival) and having a few relaxing moments at the bar, the party was in full swing, the Rock bands were just incredible. The bride also saw me at the party but decided it best to wait until the morning before saying Hi.

So there was in my tent, still half a sleep, suddenly surrounded by femailes being persuaded out of my tent, remember this is at 10am, the hen party had decided that I drink "the hair of the dog", six girls - six pints Oh! ****!

I must give special mention to, and if you ever get the chance to see them live - go! A few phenomenal band's & singers: Gizzelle, Crazy Joe Tritschcler, Deke Dickerson, The Ranch Girls, Mischief, The Inteli-gents - to name but a few! Some weekend!

As we are on the subject of weddings, congratulations to Crazy Joe who gets married this year!